1. I want to register as an agent of VITOACE.

Please register by "Register" on the homepage.

2. When registering, it must enter the "URL of the website". Can't I register if I don't have a website?

Yes, you can still register. If you do not have your own website, please enter the URL of the promotional method (Twitter URL, etc.), or enter the VITOACE official website URL: vitoace.com, and we will email you for confirming your promotional method.


1. How can I get the link / banner code?

1. Log in to the affiliate management screen.

2. Press [Links] or [Banners] under "Marketing Tools" in the menu bar.

3. Click [Get Code] with the </> mark on the right side of the link/banner you wish to retrieve.

4. Enter your desired media name in the "New Media Type Name" field and click [Activate Link].

5. The dedicated link code will be displayed.

6. Once you have created a link code, you can retrieve it from [Active Media] in [Marketing Tools].


1. When will the commission be paid?

The commission will be paid before 18:00 every Wednesday.

Please understand sometimes payment will delay because of the system adjustment. We will issue a notice of deferred payment.

2. The commission actually be paid is different from the commission shown on Dashboard.

The commission shown on Dashboard is the current month's data, but the VITOACE affiliate commission is calculated weekly.

Please enter the period from Monday to Sunday to search for the correct commission in the sales report.

Also, we use a negative accumulation system. The negative amount will continue to the next week, and the commission will only be paid when the positive commission is higher than the previously accumulated negative commission.

3. How are commissions generated? What is revenue share?

The commission calculation is as follows:

(Game Win/Loss (Bet-Payout)-Promotion Fee-Platform Fee-Prize Pool Fee-Service Fee) × Commission%

The REVENUE SHARE is a revenue-sharing system that shares the company's profits with our affiliate.